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Damsels In Excess #3 Preview.

Damsels In Excess #3 Preview.

Damsels_In_Excess-03d-Pinto-LBCC Damsels_In_Excess-03b-Nome Damsels_In_Excess-03a-Andolfo Damsels_In_Excess-03c-Torque DAMSELS IN EXCESS #3

Vince Hernandez – Story / Mirka Andolfo – Art

Five realms. Five princesses. Zero men.
Princesses Bethany and Kimbelein must find a way to the Maiden Islands before Barra and Ilina find them first! However, the path across the Maiden Sea proves far more treacherous—as the pair soon discovers that the dangers they face are not only on land, but also out at sea!

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All New Fathom #8 Preview.

All New Fathom #8 Preview.

AllNew_FATHOM-08a-Konat AllNew_FATHOM-08b-Broomall AllNew_FATHOM-08c-Pant-LBCC AllNew_FATHOM-08d-GhostShip


David Wohl – Story / Alex Konat – Art / Beth Sotelo – Colors

A new direction in the FATHOM Universe reaches its finale!

As Vana’s plan nears its apocalyptic fruition, the temperature of the Earth’s oceans are plummeting and wreaking havoc with the ecological balance of the world. Nations are in turmoil, and their military might’s are helpless to stop it. Amidst this…

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The Final Teams Announced for CHIKARA King of Trios!

The Final Teams Announced for CHIKARA King of Trios!

All 16 Teams Revealed for #KOT14! King of Trios Starts in Just Two Weeks! CHIKARA’s massive King of Trios tournament arrives at The Palmer Center in Easton, PA on September 19th! The biggest tournament in all of professional wrestling – bursting with 48 competitors in all – is the also CHIKARA’sbiggest event of the year, and 2014 will be no different!

All the teams entered…

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Seven More Teams Announced for CHIKARA King of Trios!

Seven More Teams Announced for CHIKARA King of Trios!

More Teams Announced for #KOT14! The Countdown to King of Trios 2014 Continues… In less than three weeks, CHIKARA’s massive King of Trios tournament arrives at The Palmer Center in Easton, PA! The biggest tournament in all of professional wrestling – bursting with 48 competitors in all – is CHIKARA’sbiggest event and 2014 will be no different.

Over half of the 16 teams…

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Well… for August 29, 2014.

Well… for August 29, 2014.

Well… I almost thought I wouldn’t get a chance to write today.

TeamHellions_Well Logo A

Well… I have a new job, but I’ll be back in the same problem soon.

I’m going to be the manager of a Halloween City store.  Yay for pay and the money to support my family.  But boo because this means halfway through November I’ll be searching for a job again.  There is so much to do and so far its only me working on everything.  This…

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LOLA XOXO #4 Preview.

LOLA XOXO #4 Preview from @AspenComics and @SiyaOum


LOLA-04a-Reg-Siya-OUM LOLA-04b-Reg-Siya-OUM LOLA-04c-Reg-Siya-OUM LOLA-04d-Reg-Siya-OUM LOLA-04c-Retailer-OUM LOLA-04f-DragonCon-Siya-OUM

Siya Oum – Story & Art

Aspen’s newest hit series continues!

The Wasteland Trading Company arrives in the town on Sinmora, where they find their fair share of alcohol and debauchery to satisfy their thirst for action. However, as is often the case in the Wasteland, they bite off more than they can chew, as they learn of a place that no merchant has yet to return from alive, a…

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All New Soulfire #7 Preview.

All New Soulfire #7 Preview from @AspenComics


AllNew_SOULFIRE-07b-Gunnell AllNew_SOULFIRE-07a-Marion AllNew_SOULFIRE-07c-DragonCon

JT Krul – Story / V. Ken Marion – Art

It’s the final showdown as PJ finds himself facing off against his new girlfriend, Alori, for the championship! Little does he know that she’s in the employ of Abel, the mastermind who is about to make his dangerous move against Benoist – one that could be the end of Papa Bear forever!

01_SFV5-07-CMYKcrop 02_SFV5-07-CMYKcrop 03_SFV5-07-CMYKcrop

ALL NEW SOULFIRE #7 is in stores September 3rd,…

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Fear of Flying Review.

Fear of Flying Review.

From Brian Canini and Drunken Cat Comics.


I made a new friend today, and his name is Brian Canini.

Here’s what happened.  A little while back I reviewed some comics from Drunken Cat.  They were enjoyable and I wrote a positive review and then Brian sent me some other comics.  However, life got in the way and its taken me a little while to review them.  Fear of Flying was sent to me July 19th.


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The Well… Logo Revealed!

The Well… Logo Revealed!

Huge Huge HUGE thanks to Classick Material for creating this for me.  Its so pretty and really captures the various topics the Well column and the entire site can be about.

If you want more Classick in your life, and really who doesn’t, bookmark the Cold Slither page and be sure to subscribe to be notified anytime something goes up on the site.

Cold Slither Podcast Network

Classick is also a…

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